Killeen Interchangeable Cores

Killeen Interchangeable Cores
  • Item #: 206
  • Manufacturer: Killeen-KSP

Made in the USA


•IC cores for SFIC cabinet locks & locksets
•6 or 7 pin cores available
•206 = 6 pin core
•207 = 7 pin core
•Cores are Best
 compatible, figure 8 style
•Equivalent to Best, Arrow, Falcon type IC cores
•We can match BEST painted cores (blue, green, red, white or
•26D or US4 finish

Nonkeyed Product :

  Uncombinated (no pins or springs)  

     No Keys or Key Blanks Included 

• Available Keyed alike or Keyed different

 Keyed Product :      

Includes 1 Operating Key Per Core

Includes 1 Core Removal Key Per 10 Cores



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Price $12.48

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