Pamex GC 4400 Series Door Closer Grade 1

Pamex GC 4400 Series Door Closer Grade 1
  • Item #: GC4400BF
  • Manufacturer: Pamex Commercial

Heavy Duty
Full Feature Door Closer
• UL Listed (UL 10C) • 25 years mechanical warranty
• Universal application and non-handed installation • Five years finish warranty
(regular and parallel bracket included
• Multi-size strength, power adjustable for size 1 thru 6
(factory preset size 3) 
ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 
• Heavy duty cast iron body w/ rust inhibiting treatment
• UL10C and UBC 7.2 for positive pressure
• Hardened steel rack and pinion mechanism
• Meets ADA barrier-free accessibility
• Needle bearings for higher efficiency smooth opening
• Fixing for both metal and timber doors
• Adjustable closing and latching speed SPECIFICATIONS
• Optional delay action
Closer: Closers shall be by Pamex model # GC4400, full
rack and pinion type with cast aluminum alloy body. All
• Door weight range from 44 ~ 265 lbs
closers shall be provided with non-critical valves adjustment
• Stable hydraulic fluid capable of withstanding to independently regulate the sweep, latch and back-check.
Closer shall have full spring adjustment from size 1 to 6 for
temperature ranges of 105 degrees F. to -25 degrees F. 
barrier free (BF). 
• Parallel bracket
• Wood screws and machine screws
• Full plastic cover
• Sex bolts and Thru bolts
□ Aluminum (painted)
□ Dark Brown (painted)

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Price $140.78

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